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SMIS is now officially Open!

Blessing of the Sports Complex and the official opening of Stella Maris International School Damansara

What next after SPM / IGCSE?

SMIS Skills-Based Preparatory Programme

St John Ambulance

Enrolment Day


Our curriculum aims high to motivate and inspire pupils to succeed in their learning.

Stella Maris


Our teachers share the same values and concepts found in our Ethos. They work to establish standards of curriculum delivery, classroom practice and evaluation together with the systems which document and measure the maintenance of these standards. We are constantly in search of teachers that want to produce loyal, thinking, caring and moral citizens of Malaysia who are intellectually, spiritually, physically, emotionally and socially balanced.

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We believe in building strong relationships with our students' parents and have an active Parent Teacher Committee. Personal relationships are built via engagements such as Parent Teacher meets and school events, while communication between Stella Maris and the parents are facilitated through the use of Stella Maris' Parent Portal.

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Our students experience holistic learning and development here at Stella Maris. We promote a liberal and caring but disciplined learning environment that encourages human endeavor, achievement and the quest for academic excellence whilst providing for the proper formation of character with love for all people. Our students partake in a purposively designed curricula and may engage in co-curricular programmes that blend the pursuit of knowledge and formation of values.

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